How to kick start as an indie-entrepreneur

March 12, 2021

I want to build a startup but I’m just a mediocre guy.

Got a bachelor degree, know some coding tricks and draw some comics. That’s all I got.

I don’t have a rich dad, my IG and Github follower is less than 200, pretty much related to nothing about power, money and fame.

How should I start my business?

I’ve been reading about lean startup and paul graham’s article(, quite incisive. Follow no more if you couldn’t fork your own version. These are others success story, although they share similar principles, you should adopt to your own pace.

I know how to code, but one thing I learned from the past few months is “Create content before you code.” Coding is an addicted action, the dopamine you get from committing changes makes you ignore the true demand from potential customer. More precisely speaking, most of time we indie-entrepreneur just guest what customer want.

Some might claim if they ask what customer want they’ll receive inquiries for a faster horse instead of a car. Figure out what customer really want is not their job, is ours, the founder. So that’s why I began creating content instead. Blog, meme, animation, video…, anything that can deliver your message. Use these channels to address your mission and vision, either in humor or profound way.

Hold your pulse for coding and initiate conversions. If your want to optimize the habit of learning(learn by doing) in fields that’s difficult simply listen to tutors like Tennis or Ignite people, write blog to share your insight and create videos advocate your experience. Arouse your potential customers’ desire with writing, graphic or video, before building anything and give people what they want in scale.(Naval)

Set a daily routine to write something. Stick to it and just write. Your persistence will attract like-minded people, form your tribe and crew(Carryou). These guys will be your early adopter.

People is the quintessence that always matters. Share the experience of how you grow your tennis and pick-up skills with the retrospection, people will ask you how you achieve if they were touched by your content. That’s by far the most efficient and useful way to cultivate first 100 customers. No ads no spam. Create content that deliver values.

There might be nuances in different Channels. As a indie-entrepreneur, scattering your content is as important as constantly creating content. No followers? Publish your article not just on your blog but also in platforms that is friendly for SEO. Collect emails so you can talk to your readers. Your article is not just your article, throw your article in platform that exist unique taste, see how the habitant react. Be open-minded and just copy and paste into different platform, three will be enough, don’t overdo it.

In this stage, focus on creating content, show up in different platform to attract traffic to your own place. Let conversation flows, and prepare for real coding.