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3D Meme! Becoming Giphy Artist with Blender & Mixamo

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Want to grow your personal brand or company brand?

You should try building some 3D memes!

In this lesson, students will learn how to build 3D meme mascot with Blender and auto-rig in Mixamo.

Once you build a 3D mascot, you can render it into gif and create some viral meme to promote you brand with it!

Who is suitable for this class?

  1. People who want to run a personal brand and promote side hustle to a larger group of potential users.

  2. Renew company's branding, create animated mascot stickers to integrate into consumers' daily chat.

  3. Bring original characters into the 3D world, build a trend for your character.

  4. Meme / Gif Lovers: Yes, it's you! What are you waiting for!

Course structure

Mixamo - Bring the model alive in the first class

The structure of this course has been planned by the teacher, abandoning unnecessary stuffs, go into core content and bring your mascot alive.

Give student a great sense of achievement.

Blender - Customize your mascot

After successfully rigging the model, you must really want to add some elements of your own style!

Blender chapter is divided into three parts, from color, head to limbs.

Give your character an eye-catching and charming appearance in these lessons!

Real world example - Giphy (Instagram)

Congratulations, you learned how to create your own 3D meme creature! It’s time to share it with the world!

In the final lesson, teacher will share some tips about applying for a Giphy artist account.

You'll find your funny creatures after becoming a Giphy artist!