Learn Hangul (Korean letter) like building LEGO.

The atomic way to learn Korean, reinforce your memory everytime you drag a brick to assemble Korean word.

Although Sejong the Great(creator/compiler of Hangul) stated,

"A wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days."

Kangbo(creator of HanguLego) still can't memrise Hangul. He didn't want to switch to hangul romanization, with the help of technology, he came up with HanguLego.

It's still a challenging journey to learn foreign language, but with the aid of modern tech, you can redesign your learning adventure.

Try it out🤜 https://hangulego.carryou.dev/

Contribute to Open Source HanguLego: https://github.com/kangbojk/HanguLego